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Alarm Management Server

Alarm Management Server
Alarm Management suite
Centralized Alarm Management Server for Video Analytics


Honeywell’s Alarm Management suite allows security operators to monitor real-time alarms from a large number of video analytics servers. The Alarm Management Server (AMS) is a service that connects to a large number of Honeywell video analytics servers to receive analytics alarms generated by these servers. Multiple security operators on separate workstations can run separate copies of Alarm Watch Station (AWS) client applications to connect to AMS and collaboratively manage real-time alarms coming from all various analytics servers.

The alarm acknowledgement state modified by one operator can be seen on the AWS by all other operators in real-time.

There are three components in the software that enable Alarm Management functionality:

  • Alarm Management Server – Running as a Windows service on the AMS PC. It serves as a communications interface between all HVA servers and the AWS client applications. AMS connects to HVA servers, stores all the incoming alarms into a local database, and delivers these alarms to all the AWS units that are connected to it.
  • Alarm Watch Admin – A client application that allows the user to configure the AMS. The user can add HVA servers for AMS to connect to, customize alarm acknowledgement states that best suit the organization’s own alarm management operation, and create user accounts to be used by AMS. Alarm Watch Admin is one of the client applications included in the Honeywell Video Analytics client package.
  • Alarm Watch Station (AWS) – A redesign from the previous version of AWS, this client application now works with AMS to allow the user to view and manage all the alarms coming from the list of HVA servers that AMS is connected to. The user can view and modify the status of any alarm; the status is shared across workstations and can be viewed by other operators. AWS is one of the client applications included in the Honeywell Video Analytics client package.

Market Opportunities
The Alarm Management suite is an ideal solution for larger Honeywell Video Analytics systems in addition to central station monitoring types of applications.


  • AMS has its own alarm database to store alarm data including acknowledgement states of all alarms for real-time alarm management
  • User-defined alarm case management enables the user to filter alarms by date, time, alarm severity, event type, alarm classification, alarm acknowledgement and analytics server
  • Customizable alarm acknowledgement states enable a company to synchronize alarms according to their internal alarm management protocol
  • Multiple security operators on separate workstations can collaboratively manage real-time alarms from various analytics servers; alarm action taken can be viewed by all operators in real-time
  • Separate user account management for AMS results in an added level of system security
  • Four types of user level permissions include Admin, View Live Alarms, Modify Alarm State and Search

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Video Analytics Data Sheet 556.84 KB 05/28/14
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HASWCD Software CD
HAAB Active Alert Base (single channel add on license)
HAAS Active Alert Standard (single channel add on license)
HAAP Active Alert Premium (single channel add on license)
HASI Smart Impressions (single channel add-on license)
HAAC People Counter (single channel add-on license)
HAAMS* Alarm Management Server Software
*Alarm Management Server Software needs to be installed on a separate PC Server

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