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Smart Impressions®
Improve operational efficiencies
Honeywell's Smart Impressions provides organizations with measurable data which can be translated into meaningful information for planning and strategic decision making.


Honeywell’s Smart Impressions® video analytics software provides the data that tracks the movement of people and vehicles to help end users better understand their operations and potential revenue opportunities.

It provides real-time counting data of people and vehicles entering or exiting a camera scene. Two innovative analytics algorithms include the ability to track people entering a target zone and how long they dwell in the area. This data can provide businesses with powerful insight into the design, use, and efficiency of operations.

Smart Impressions is high performance software capable of accurately monitoring indoor and outdoor scenes 24/7. Custom reports can be configured to perform statistical analysis of people or vehicle traffic patterns. The software also provides the ability to instantaneously retrieve the images of these people or vehicles. This innovation enables video to move beyond security applications and to provide valuable business data and insight that may otherwise never be fully utilized. It can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a compatible recording system with local and remote management capabilities. The software user interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to maintain regardless of the system size.

People Activity
By counting and reporting the number of people entering and exiting as well as providing information on dwell time and entering target zone data, managers can better understand their closing ratio and opportunities for operational improvements.

Smart Impressions also provides key components to track the effectiveness of merchandising, advertising, promotions, window changes and location changes.

Combining Smart Impressions data with other operational data provides you the methodology to accurately:

  • Increase customer service during key selling periods
  • Reduce costs during slow selling periods
  • Determine effectiveness of advertising expenses and promotional campaigns
  • Determine the effectiveness of merchandising, displays, end caps, window changes and location changes
  • Drive accountability

Traffic Activity
Smart Impressions’ ability to count vehicles adds a new dimension in analyzing roadway and parking operations including design, safety, revenue opportunities and detection of problems and deficiencies. Traffic counts are critical to understanding traffic conditions, growth, and planning for long-range road improvements and resurfacing of roadways. It drives the data necessary for:

  • Roadway geometry analysis
  • Planning for roadway improvements and maintenance
  • Estimates of revenue
  • Location and design of roadway routes
  • Signal timing
  • Ommissions control
  • Design of control and safety systems


  • Ability to count people and vehicles
  • Target zone data for people or vehicles entering and remaining in target zone
  • Real-time scene analysis and counting data based on user definable rules
  • Accurate indoor and outdoor applications with patented technology to reduce false alarms
  • Powerful custom reports enable statistical analysis of people or vehicle traffic
  • High performance software minimizes the need for excessive PC hardware
  • Powerful onsite or remote configuration capabilities
  • Scheduled reports automatically delivered by email

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
Video Analytics Data Sheet 556.84 KB 05/28/14
A&E Specs
Intelligent Video Analytics System A&E Specs 271.5 KB 02/10/09
Other Resources
Retail Capabilities Overview 55.89 KB 07/21/10
Smart Impressions Product Slick 239.73 KB 02/04/09
Honeywell Lens Calculator 5.42 MB 04/16/12
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HASWCD Software CD
HAAB Active Alert Base (single channel add on license)
HAAS Active Alert Standard (single channel add on license)
HAAP Active Alert Premium (single channel add on license)
HASI Smart Impressions (single channel add-on license)
HAAC People Counter (single channel add-on license)
HAAMS* Alarm Management Server Software
*Alarm Management Server Software needs to be installed on a separate PC Server

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