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Active Alert®
Increase security
Today's security market demands highly sophisticated technologies, and Honeywell's Active Alert delivers the required functionality to increase security and reduce risk.


Honeywell Active Alert is offered in three packages: Base, Standard and Premium, each of which enables a different set of detectable behaviors. The Active Alert Base package includes basic people and vehicle behavior detections, in addition to camera tamper detection: blinding, blurring and scene change. Real-time alarms are generated to alert the user of any of these conditions in order to protect the camera view from being altered due to intentional or non-intentional acts. The Active Alert Standard package builds on the Base package by adding the ability to discern more advanced behaviors such as a person jumping a fence line or loitering, and vehicles parked or pulled off the road. The Active Alert Premium package builds on the Standard package by adding the ability to detect abandoned or removed objects, and possible theft incidents.

Market Opportunities

Honeywell's suite of video analytics products is an ideal solution to enhance a facility’s current level of security or to optimize the use of current personnel resources. The software packages can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a compatible recording system with local and remote management capabilities. The user interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to maintain, regardless of the system size. Powerful data search tools enable almost instantaneous access to events and alarms. Active Alert applications include exterior perimeter protection, controlling restricted areas and detecting behaviors that may be precursors to potentially dangerous or illicit situations. Use Smart Impressions to provide data that tracks the movement of people and vehicles for powerful insight into the design, use, and efficiency of operations. Use People Counter to better understand operations and maximize potential revenue opportunities.


  • Supports Honeywell's equIP® Series MPEG-4 and H.264 cameras
  • An i-LIDS® approved system both as primary detection for operational alert use and as approved event based recording for sterile zone monitoring applications
  • User interfaces available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German
  • Real-time scene analysis and alarms based on user definable rules
  • Powerful onsite or remote configuration capabilities
  • Rich set of detectable events and behaviors to suit a broad set of system requirements
  • Accurate indoor and outdoor applications with patented technology to reduce false alarms
  • High performance software that minimizes the need for excessive PC hardware
  • Powerful search tools for instantaneous retrieval of incidents
  • Ability to provide voice, visual, relay closure, email, or cell phone alarm
  • Supports multiple relay boards to trigger relays on analytics alarms

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Video Analytics Data Sheet 556.84 KB 05/28/14
A&E Specs
Intelligent Video Analytics System A&E Specs 271.5 KB 02/10/09
Other Resources
Active Alert Product Slick 260.13 KB 02/04/09
Corrections Capabilities Overview 43.44 KB 07/21/10
Critical Infrastructure Capabilities Overview 52.64 KB 07/21/10
Military and Government Capabilities Overview 52.42 KB 07/21/10
Perimeter Protection Solution Flyer 284.69 KB 03/04/09
Retail Capabilities Overview 55.89 KB 07/21/10
Warehousing and Distribution Centers Capabilities Overview 63.02 KB 07/21/10
Partner of Choice - Delaware Capitol Police 107.03 KB 10/15/08
Honeywell Lens Calculator 5.42 MB 04/16/12
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HASWCD Software CD
HAAB Active Alert Base (single channel add on license)
HAAS Active Alert Standard (single channel add on license)
HAAP Active Alert Premium (single channel add on license)
HASI Smart Impressions (single channel add-on license)
HAAC People Counter (single channel add-on license)
HAAMS* Alarm Management Server Software
*Alarm Management Server Software needs to be installed on a separate PC Server

Smart Video
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Partner of Choice - Delaware Capitol Police
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