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Day / Night Vari-Focal Lenses
Aspherical Design, DC Auto Iris, IR Corrected Lens


Today's lens market is rapidly changing from part-time observation (day or night) to round-the-clock surveillance. Honeywell offers a real solution to day and night surveillance applications with its line-up of DC Vari-focal Auto Iris lenses. With Honeywell Day/Night Vari-focal technology, you now have the ability to upgrade or integrate video security systems affordably.

The Honeywell Day/Night Vari-focal lenses deliver clear, sharp, color images in daylight and black and white images in darkness using near infrared illumination, without the need to refocus the lens. Advanced aspherical design engineering reduces distortion and provides accurate visual identification of subjects. Honeywell’s lenses achieve day/night lighting corrections through a combination of proprietary optical design and aspherical elements, allowing superior wide aperture performance (F0.95) in low light to capture high quality images even in horizontalfield angles up to 94 degrees.

Market Opportunities
In addition to extraordinary low-light functionality, Honeywell Day/Night lenses are compact, lightweight and easy to install, making them perfect for use with True Day/Night cameras. The Honeywell Day/Night Vari-focal lenses are ideal in outdoor installations such as parking lots, ports, and other areas where low light imaging is important.


  • Ability to provide a high contrast, clear, and detailed picture of the subject in daylight, low light and near infrared light, allowing identification of a subject rather than just observation
  • Fastest maximum aperture of lens in class
  • Suitable for all daylight and near infrared night time surveillance applications
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Quick and accurate adjustment of image field of view and focus

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Day / Night Vari-Focal Lenses Data Sheet 86.48 KB 02/27/08
HLD27V13DNL Lens Manual 124.29 KB
HLD29V8DNL Lens Manual 124.79 KB
HLD5V50DNL Lens Manual 120.74 KB
A&E Specs
HLD27V13DNL A&E Specs 130.37 KB 07/22/05
HLD29V8DNL A&E Specs 130.55 KB 07/22/05
HLD5V50DNL A&E Specs 130.34 KB 07/22/05
Product Drawings
HLD27V13DNL ANSI A Portrait 42.22 KB 01/22/08
HLD29V8DNL ANSI A Portrait 46.7 KB 01/22/08
HLD5V50DNL ANSI A Portrait 41.99 KB 01/22/08
Honeywell Lens Calculator 5.42 MB 04/16/12
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HLD29V8DNL 2.9 - 8 mm F0.95, DC Auto Iris, IR Corrected Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLD27V13DNL 2.7 - 13.5 mm F1.3, DC Auto Iris, IR Corrected Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLD5V50DNL 5 - 50 mm F1.6, DC Auto Iris, IR Corrected Aspherical Vari-focal Lens

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