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System Series Vari-Focal Lenses
Aspherical Design, DC Auto Iris / Manual Iris


Honeywell’s full line of Vari-focal lenses are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where scene and lighting requirements vary.

Today's CCTV systems demand lenses that are compact and provide the best optical performance while being easy to install and adjust. Honeywell's line of Vari-focal lenses offers the most compact size in the market while maintaining the widest maximum apertures for a given focal length range. Innovations such as the focus lock mechanism being separated from the focusing ring ensure accurate adjustment of the focus the first time. This reduces time spent in installation and setup of the lens.

Featuring world-class design—Honeywell's lenses bring together the highest quality aspherical glass optics, lightweight construction, and durability to ensure state-of-the-art optical correction, transmission and light-gathering ability. Varifocal length lenses allow the installer the flexibility of obtaining the exact field of view quickly and easily, eliminating lens substitutions or the need to continuously adjust the camera setup. This is especially convenient for future changes to the viewing environment. Our lenses allow superior wide aperture performance (F0.95) in low light to capture high-quality images up to 540 TVL, even in horizontal-field angles up to 110 degrees.

Honeywell Auto Iris lenses are 1/3" format and are compatible with the vast majority of today's CCD cameras. The camera controls the iris through an industry-standard 4-pin connector and cable. Our manual lenses allow the installer to set the depth of field for a specific application.

Market Opportunities
Lens selection is the most critical element in any CCTV installation. Honeywell's complete line of Vari-focal lenses provide the highest quality, reliability and easeof- installation. This line is suitable for indoor applications in retail, hospitality, financial, and gaming establishments and outdoor applications, such as ports and parking lots and other areas where low light imaging is important.


  • Ability to provide a high-contrast, detailed picture (up to 540 TV lines of resolution) of the subject in daylight and low light, allowing identification of a subject rather than just observation
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Fastest maximum aperture of lens in class
  • Widest range Vari-focal available in class
  • Zoom tightening mechanism separate from zooming ring for accurate setup and installation
  • Focus tightening mechanism separate from focusing ring for accurate setup and installation (most models)

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
System Series Vari-Focal Lenses Data Sheet 146.18 KB 02/27/08
HLD25V6F12L Lens Manual 122.49 KB
HLD28V8F95L Lens Manual 122.32 KB
HLD5V50F13L Lens Manual 120.52 KB
HLM25V6F12 Lens Manual 167.46 KB
HLM28V8F95 Lens Manual 142.16 KB
HLM5V50F13 Lens Manual 119.98 KB
A&E Specs
HLD25V6F12L A&E Specs 129.8 KB
HLD28V8F95L A&E Specs 129.82 KB
HLD5V50F13L A&E Specs 129.53 KB 07/22/05
HLM25V6F12 A&E Specs 127.75 KB
HLM28V8F95 A&E Specs 127.75 KB
HLM5V50F13 A&E Specs 128.07 KB 07/22/05
Product Drawings
HLD25V6F12L ANSI A Portrait 44.55 KB 01/22/08
HLD28V8F95L ANSI A Portrait 45.69 KB 01/22/08
HLD5V50F13L ANSI A Portrait 42.23 KB 01/22/08
HLM25V6F12 ANSI A Portrait 43.63 KB 01/22/08
HLM28V8F95 ANSI A Portrait 44.85 KB 01/22/08
HLM5V50F13 ANSI A Portrait 41.39 KB 01/22/08
Honeywell Lens Calculator 5.42 MB 04/16/12
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HLM25V6F12 2.5 - 6 mm, F1.2, Manual Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLD25V6F12L 2.5 - 6 mm, F1.2, DC Auto Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLM28V8F95 2.8 - 8 mm, F0.95, Manual Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLD28V8F95L 2.8 - 8 mm, F0.95, DC Auto Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLM5V50F13 5.0 - 50 mm, F1.3, Manual Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens
HLD5V50F13L 5.0 - 50 mm, F1.3, DC Auto Iris Aspherical Vari-focal Lens

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