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VideoBloX Configuration Program (VideoCFG)

All VideoBloX matrix switchers are supplied with the VideoBloX Configuration Program. This is the software tool that enables the installer/operator to customize VideoBloX to meet the user’s requirements. System operators using the program will soon realize the full capability and flexibility of VideoBloX. With VideoBloX, everything is configurable. Functions are logically divided onto separate tabs of the configuration program. For example: To prevent a user from accessing certain cameras, storing PTZ preset positions, or controlling the VCRs, simply uncheck the appropriate box on the configuration GUI. To make a remote camera on a satellite matrix switch available, simply set the satellite address and input channel number.

Device Control Configuration (DeviceConfig)

VideoBloX provides the capability to control other manufacturer’s equipment. The program, DeviceConfig, allows the user to configure the keyboard to display device specific commands and to transmit these commands to the controlled devices. This is true customer defined integration! Simply fill in the strings and VideoBloX takes care of the rest.

VideoBloX Graphical User Interface

Allows for rapid camera selection from maps of areas. Also allows for control of PTZ and CCTV peripherals. Alert operators instantly to alarms and displays alarm location.

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VideoBlox Software Data Sheet 135.44 KB
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UK - VideoBlox Full Crosspoint Matrix Switch/Control System Brochure 1.91 MB
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