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Alarm Input/Output Expander Modules
Alarm Input/Output Expansion Modules


VideoBloX monitors alarm inputs and can control outputs for use in a variety of security applications. Alarm inputs are used to trigger the powerful Sequence Engine – providing application specific functions and control outputs may be connected to a variety of devices to be controlled by the sequence engine. The standard VideoBloX is provided with 32 alarm inputs and four control outputs on the alarm terminal panel, connected to the CPU by a simple ribbon cable connector. This capacity can be increased using I2C modules. These are named after a communications standard that is used in many similar applications. I2C modules may be remotely installed at distances up to 4,000 feet, using Protocol Interface Translators (PITs) as alarm concentrators. This capability allows for flexibility in design, resulting in cost savings by reducing installation wiring and labor.


  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • May be remotely located from the VideoBloX chassis
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Expands system capacity: 256 alarm inputs and 256 control outputs

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Alarm Input/Output Expansion Modules Data Sheet 110.13 KB
HVBI2C16I / HVBI2C16O User Manual 92.23 KB
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UK - VideoBlox Full Crosspoint Matrix Switch/Control System Brochure 1.91 MB
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