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HVB16TPTX UTP Video Transmitter
Unshielded Twisted Pair Video Transmitter


Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling is a proven installation media for transmitting many communication protocols including voice, data, CCTV video and control. Unshielded twisted pair video systems provide better interference rejection than coax cabling, are generally less expensive than dedicated coax or fiber and are very easy to install and reconfigure. Honeywell now offers a UTP-based video transmitter solution to help our customers keep their more complex video matrix systems running optimally.

Honeywell’s HVB16TPTX UTP transmitter module accepts conventional BNC signals from cameras and converts them to UTP outputs. The UTP transmitter has the capacity for 16 video channels connected via BNC inputs with four RJ45 outputs (4 video outputs each for TP cabling). A switch for each of the video channels allows for selection of short distances (1,500 feet / 500 meters) or long distances (3,000 feet /1,000 meters), suitable for most video matrix applications.

Fabricated from durable, stainless steel, and manufactured from the highest quality components, these modules provide near broadcast quality video with minimal signal degradation. Honeywell’s HVB16TPTX UTP module provides a sophisticated look, improved grounding and is easily mountable in any standard 19" rack.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of security industry solutions, Honeywell will continue to innovate and produce leading edge video security system solutions featuring unsurpassed performance backed up by excellent customer support.


  • Quality video over standard unshielded twisted pair cabling
  • Sixteen channels with BNC inputs to four RJ45 twisted pair outputs
  • Cable runs up to 3,000 feet / 1,000 meters
  • Adjustable switch selections for gain and equalization
  • High immunity to noise and interference
  • LED’s to indicate video presence
  • Compact design – only 1 Rack Unit high
  • Stainless steel finish

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
HVB16TPTX Data Sheet 149.81 KB 11/02/05
HVB16TPTX UTP Video Transmitter User Manual 844.46 KB
HVB16TPTX/HVB16TPTX-KT User Manual 487.84 KB
HVBM16M64TP User Manual 370.07 KB 12/07/06
Other Resources
VideoBloX Twisted Pair Video Solution 62.42 KB 12/07/06
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HVB16TPTX 16 Channel UTP Video Transmitter, no power supply
HVB16TPTX-KT 16 Channel UTP Video Transmitter and US power supply
HVB16TPTX-KTX 16 Channel UTP Video Transmitter and EU power supply

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