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CPU Lite Module

CPU Lite
VideoBloX Lite CPU Module


The central processing unit contains the operating system and database in non-volatile memory that can retain critical data for up to one month without power. It is an embedded controller designed specifically for the purpose of video switching in a security environment. The CPU module contains many features to ensure its reliability – including a watchdog timer and supply voltage monitoring.

Rear connectors Rear connectors on the unit provide an RS232 connection to the configuration PC (only required for system configuration and editing), an RS232 connection for auxiliary control (e.g. an access control system), an RS422 connection for keyboards and protocol interface translators, a removable terminal block for the connection of 8 alarm inputs and 2 control outputs and an I2C (a communications protocol) connection for alarm and control expansion.

The CPU module also includes 8 titled video outputs, with BNC connectors on the rear of the chassis. The titling provides up to 24 characters that can be positioned in any one of the 12 horizontal lines. Time and date may also be displayed and are kept accurate by a real-time, battery-backed clock.

Installed in the matrix chassis, the CPU module occupies only a 1/2U slot, making it smaller and more efficient than PC-based switchers.

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