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Matrix Chassis
VideoBloX Matrix Chassis


The VideoBloX Matrix Chassis is superbly crafted from stainless steel, providing both an elegant look as well as excellent grounding capabilities and reducing the effect of static electricity problems.

Designed specifically to reduce the space required for a matrix switch, the chassis has a high density, low profile format. It will mount in an industry standard 19" rack and has a depth of less than 10". The compact design reduces rack size, saves space, limits the amount of interconnection cabling, produces less heat and is easier to install – all of which adds up to lower installation and maintenance costs.

Both video and audio switching can be performed in the same chassis, providing an easier configuration with enhanced features. Modules are small – occupying only 1/2U in rack height – and are position independent. The modules can also be removed with the power on, an essential feature in a security application.

The chassis includes a power supply module, which connects to the main power, preferably an uninterruptible power source (UPS). A secondary power supply, 12 to 24 VAC or 12 to 30 VDC, provides added security and system availability. Multiple chassis can be interlinked – providing the system designer with the flexibility of distributing the system throughout the site or even to remote sites with the appropriate communications network.


  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • High density, low profile design
  • Audio and video switched in same chassis
  • Modules are position independent
  • Modules are “hot-swappable”
  • Secondary power supply
  • Multiple chassis may be interconnected
Chassis Size Module Maximum Size
2U 3 32 into 8
4U 7 80 into 16 or 64 into 32
8U 15 192 into 32 or 160 into 64
12U 23 320 into 32 or 288 into 64

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