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16 Channel Video Distribution Amplifier


The HVB16VDA3 is a video distribution amplifier featuring 16 groups of input/output channels. Each group can be configured as a single 1 x 3 video distribution amplifier for a total of 16 inputs and 48 outputs. If additional outputs are needed, it is possible to bridge an output to an input for a total of five outputs per input. This feature enables users to set multiple configurations from 1 to 16 inputs by up to 48 outputs. Each output provides unity gain into a 75 Ohm load, ensuring that the output signal is equal to that of the input. Unused outputs self terminate.

Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, the HVB16VDA3 distribution amplifier is compatible with color or black and white, NTSC or PAL video. All video connections are made via BNC connectors. The unit uses 3.5" (2U) of space in a standard, 19" rack. Alternatively, the unit can be configured standalone for storage out of sight in the ceiling or closet.

Market Opportunities
The HVB16VDA3 video distribution amplifier offers multiple outputs for each video input such as a large system environment where video feeds are required by multiple systems. A video distribution amplifier also allows retrofit installations with minimal disruption to existing system operations while allowing new equipment to be installed at a more leisurely pace. Durable construction and standard connections allow for fast and easy setup in most video environments.


  • 16 input/output groups; each configured as a 1 x 3 video distribution amplifier
  • Adjustable gain through front panel potentiometer
  • Adjustable high frequency compensation through front panel jumper
  • Unused inputs are self-terminating
  • NTSC and PAL compatible
  • Stainless steel finish and rack mount ready

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HVB16VDA3 Data Sheet 69.31 KB 09/04/12
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Part No. Description
HVB16VDA3 Chassis Distribution Amplifier - 16 Inputs with 3 Outputs per Input (Excludes Power Supply)
HPT1640 Plug In 16 VAC 40 VA Transformer (Screw Terminal Connection)

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