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Surge Protector for Video, Power and Data


The Honeywell HDSP1 Surge Protector provides superior protection against voltage spikes that can disable and permanently damage video equipment, including PTZ cameras and recorders, resulting in loss of important data. Designed primarily for use with Honeywell surveillance systems, the HDSP1 Surge Protector is a necessary component to any PTZ camera system providing continuous critical data.

Power surges are sudden increases in the voltage that powers your security system. These are common occurrences that normally go unnoticed, lasting only a fraction of a second. Yet, the adverse effects can decrease the life of electronic equipment, cause irreversible damage and cause interruption of service. While lightning is the most obvious and causes the most damage, the utility company is constantly generating irregular current resulting from overburdened power grids causing rolling surges as power stations adjust to regulate voltage. Something as simple as turning on an air conditioner can cause a surge in voltage. Honeywell’s HDSP1 can guard against damaging surges and keep surveillance systems protected and operating smoothly.

Market Opportunities
The Honeywell HDSP1 surge protector is the most dependable and cost efficient method to ensure video surveillance systems operate without interruption or damage caused by voltage spikes. Complete integrated network protection is offered in this essential system component. Costly service calls and down time can be virtually eliminated with the easy-to-install Honeywell HDSP1 Surge Protector.


  • Dependable protection for PTZ cameras, recorders and electronic surveillance equipment
  • Terminal strip connections for power and data
  • BNC connections for video
  • Single point grounding
  • Will not degrade video image
  • High-impact resistant housing
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight (2 ounces)
  • Low-profile 3.86" H x 2.07" W x 1.4" D (9.8 cm x 5.26 cm x 3.55 cm)

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PowerPoint Presentation
HDSP1 / HCSP1 PowerPoint Presentation 1.42 MB 06/30/05
Data Sheets
HDSP1 Data Sheet 77.01 KB 01/28/08
HDSP1 Installation Guide 756.84 KB 06/14/05
A&E Specs
HDSP1 A&E Spec 176.5 KB 06/14/05
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HDSP1 ANSI A Portrait 39.38 KB 01/28/08
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HDSP1 PTZ Camera Surge Protector

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