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HPTV24UL Series
UL-Listed, Indoor Power Supply


The Honeywell HPTV24UL Series power supply is a UL Listed multi-output power supply providing a maximum of 8.0 A of power to 24 VAC cameras. Additionally, the power supply provides individual fused protection for each output, as well as inherent synchronization of line-locked cameras. A master ON/OFF switch controls power to the 24 VAC output circuits and adds additional convenience during installation or servicing of cameras. The HPTV24UL Series offers superior voltage regulation that protects cameras and accessories from damage due to power surges and over-voltage conditions.

Designed for ease-of-installation, the HPTV24UL Series power supply is housed in a large, vented, hinged enclosure with multiple knockouts for convenient wiring accessibility. Large terminal screws allow easy connections using a standard sized screwdriver. Connection of incoming AC power is made through a convenient fuse block. This block contains an easily removed fuse, allowing isolation of incoming AC from the rest of the unit.

The status of the incoming AC and each output is displayed with individual LEDs. Spare fuses (supplied) are conveniently located inside the cabinet. A series of UL Listed Honeywell Video power supplies are available in 4, 8 and 16 output configurations to suit a variety of installation requirements.

Market Opportunities
The UL Listed HPTV24UL Series power supply provides superior performance and value for CCTV installations and other accessories.

Compared to individual plug-in transformers, a multi-camera power supply reduces the overall cost of the installation and does not tie up multiple power outlets. TheHPTV24UL rugged, 18 gauge, vented steel enclosure and durable painted finish are built to last. In addition, a multi-camera power supply protects equipment from damage due to power surges while providing individual fused protection for each output.


  • UL Listed Power Supply
  • 4, 8 or 16 individually fused 24VAC outputs
  • 24 VAC output up to 8.0 A available
  • AC Power and individual status indicator lights
  • Hinged vented enclosure with 7 convenient knock-outs
  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • Incoming power fused on primary and secondary sides
  • Camera synchronization provided
  • Transient protection on inputs and outputs

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
HPTV24UL Series Data Sheet 112.62 KB 06/11/08
A&E Specs
HPTV24UL A&E Specs 79.77 KB 06/13/05
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HPTV2404UL 24 VAC, 4 Amps, 4 Output, Fused, UL Listed
HPTV2408UL 24 VAC, 4 Amps, 8 Output, Fused, UL Listed
HPTV2416UL 24 VAC, 8 Amps, 16 Output, Fused, UL Listed

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