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8-Way RS485/RS232 to RS485 Bi-directional Distribution Box


Honeywell’s HDCD8TP 8-way bi-directional distribution unit gives the user the capability of expanding the number of receivers (e.g., PTZ receivers) in a system. The input to the HDCD8TP can be either an RS485 or RS232 (PC) controller. Each output is capable of transmitting control data via daisy-chain wiring to 32 RS485 units. There is an RS485 loop-through connection and RS485 termination links to enable several units to be connected in a daisy-chain wiring configuration.

The unit can be used to extend the distance for controlling RS485 receivers. If the required distance between RS232 or RS485 controller and the receiver is greater than 4,000 feet, this unit can be installed to extend the distance to a receiver an additional 4,000 feet.

This unit can also be used for applications that require a “star-wiring” configuration. In a star wiring configuration, each output on the HDCD8TP is connected to a single receiver. Multiple HDCD8TP units can be daisy-chain wired together to provide the required number of outputs for each receiver in the system.

The HDCD8TP has three front panel LEDs indicators – one power indicator and two data indicators – which designate the direction of transmission to or from the receivers.


  • Front panel LEDs indicate data transmitted to and from the receivers
  • Daisy-chain multiple HDCD8TP units provide additional outputs for each receiver
  • Up to 4,000 ft (1.22 km) maximum distance from the output to the last receiver
  • Regenerated RS485 signals provide an additional 4,000 ft (1.22 km) between controller and receiver
  • Flexible mounting options allow for desktop or rackmount installation

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
HDCD8TP Data Sheet 82.64 KB 09/04/12
HDCD8TP User Guide 705.39 KB 05/20/05
A&E Specs
HDCD8TP(x) A&E Specification 71 KB 02/07/06
Product Drawings
HDCD8TP ANSI A Portrait 57.69 KB 01/28/08
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Part No. Description
HDCD8TP 8-Way RS485/RS232 to RS485 Bidirectional Distribution Box, U.S. Power Cord
HDCD8TPX 8-Way RS485/RS232 to RS485 Bidirectional Distribution Box, Continental Europe Power Cord

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